After 17 years of intensive preparation, I am happy to be able to offer a new service: the mediation of a direct contact with 100 percent positive extraterrestrials. This is pioneering work and a kind of pilot project to prepare humanity as a whole for contact with extraterrestrials. It is important to understand that this contact is desirable because it brings the individual into harmony with himself and his environment on all levels of his being and is therefore beneficial in all areas of his daily life. It is not detached esoterism, but very practical improvements of reality, both of the individual and of the whole society. 

What changes take place and to what extent is individually different, but it is certain THAT they take place and in an easy, graceful, comfortable and even joyful way. The speed and scope of the changes far exceed what humans are capable of without connection to these highly evolved extraterrestrials, so the value of this service is practically priceless. It is carried out with love and for your complete good. A large part of it takes place in the spiritual realm and at a distance, is nevertheless consciously perceptible by you and has concrete, material effects. The initiation of the contact consists of a direct video conversation with me. After that, the contact is continued on the spiritual level and irrevocably anchored. This happens until the permanent anchoring is ensured.

I am looking forward to the people who are ready to take this step, because they all have – each in their own field and according to their individual abilities – important tasks to fulfill and are expected in this wonderful and loving community.

2600 euros

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact me to get the EUR bank details.

If you feel interested but are not yet sure, I recommend that you learn about my work through my DVDs. These are already a preparation for direct contacts. Or book first a counseling for personal development SASIL POOL to refine your perception and your ability of spiritual communication and convince yourself of the effectiveness of energy healing. If you speak German you can also attend my online workshop to learn how to establish and maintain an extraterrestrial field.

Kind regards

Silke Grasreiner

+++ If you would like to share your experiences during the engagement with my work and the mediated or your otherwise initiated contacts as well as the resulting changes in your life, I will be happy to publish this in a safe and serious framework in my online newspaper Lateinamerika-Zeitung (LAZ), because this is my profession and my vocation as a journalist. I no longer do just international news, but universal news. Since the mass media does not yet report about extraterrestrials or not in an appropriate manner, this is another pilot project and serves to prepare even more people for the future contacts. +++