Establish an extraterrestrial field
Preparation for direct contact with extraterrestrials

The online workshop provides the undoubted discernment and thus the inner knowledge in relation to the extraterrestrial presence and the opening to this high vibrational energy. This opening causes all areas of the individual’s daily life to be brought into a new balance. This applies equally to professional and personal matters and, among them, to the way one deals with one’s own body. In addition, the individual receives answers to questions that he has been asking himself inside for a long time. Here there may be some surprise, because not everything that the individual has interpreted as extraterrestrial so far, it is in reality – and vice versa (that is, what he has not perceived as extraterrestrial so far, but it is in reality).

The workshop is suitable for everyone. It is also irrelevant whether and what previous experience you have. The extraterrestrial field is independent of these parameters.

The workshop is particularly useful for social multipliers and therapists, because no new method is taught, but the individual can be supported by the ability to establish an extraterrestrial field within the method of his choice, in the sense of achieving even more depth and efficiency. The extraterrestrial energy works in the background and can be switched on as a „booster“, so to speak, if the multiplier or therapist does not advance or the process initiated by him takes a long time. By working in the background, it is also not necessary that extraterrestrials appear directly in the process, especially since many people are not yet prepared for this. The multiplier or therapist should therefore be appropriately discreet and not mention this help, or only mention it if it is guaranteed that the person or people with whom he or she is working do not have a negative attitude towards it, so as not to jeopardize the success of the process. The workshop provides the security of being able to fall back on this „booster“ as soon as the multiplier or therapist is able to perceive the extraterrestrial field and establish it himself.

The transmission of the extraterrestrial field happens in the workshop on an energetic level, mentally, emotionally and physically at the same time through language, symbols and movements. The extraterrestrial field cannot be abused, because the corresponding energy is only released when it is in the best interest of the user and all others involved. The energetic progress of the individual is making direct contact with extraterrestrials now possible on a larger scale.

The workshop is now offered exclusively here on here on REINO MAYA TV (in German).


  • During the workshop, energetic work is done with everyone individually, no matter when you watch the video.
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Paper and pen for personal notes are useful.
  • If there are more people at an endpoint than legitimate users of the video, transmission of the extraterrestrial field to that endpoint is not possible, not even partially or only to the legitimate users.

Investment: 135 euros per person

Date and place: only as video on demand on REINO MAYA TV

Werbung mit Außerirdischen an einem Bus
Something to smile about: advertisement of an optician chain on a bus in Yucatan.
„Sí. Existen … Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya. Si no lo ves, no lo crees“ –
Ja. Es gibt sie … Die Marsmenschen sind schon hier. Wenn du es nicht siehst, glaubst du es nicht.“