Based on three diplomas in political and social sciences from universities in Berlin and Paris, as well as my special knowledge of possible future forms of society, I advise political leaders who want to make and execute their decisions in agreement with all participants of the respective entity and who are also willing to learn more about themselves.

A social system, a government or an institution is a mirror of its participants – and so far only the lowest common denominator. It doesn’t have to be that way. Leaders in particular should act with foresight and understand their task as being to set a true example instead of merely reacting to external developments. The correct use of power is a decisive factor here.

The counseling provides clarity on current and future tasks that are important and beneficial for the society. It takes the form of conferences, presentations and workshops for the leaders involved. The price depends on the size of the entity to be advised and the scope of the events requested.


Speech by Silke Grasreiner on behalf of REINO MAYA Foundation at the United Nations‘ Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, UNPFII, Seventh Session in New York in 2008

The speech had been originally submitted on Thursday, 24th of April, to be held at the event about the topic of culture and was then scheduled for the event about „Customary laws pertaining to indigenous traditional knowledge and indigenous customary law“ on Wednesday, 30th of April 2008. Silke was number 1 on the Speaker’s List of that day and delivered another speech (both versions can be downloaded here below).

The Mexican delegation, obviously quite concerned about the content of this speech, approached Silke afterwards and asked for a copy. Mexico and other Nation States are observers at the UNPFII. Observe is the only thing they can actually do when the Maya people as a whole decide to exercise their right to self-determination.

In this context REINO MAYA Foundation has to be understood as the real foundation of the new Maya Nation State and civil association as opposed to military because the New Maya Nation State, being completely peaceful, has no need to even prepare for any armed conflict. Its only and most powerful „weapon“ is the spoken truth.