„Dealing with extraterrestrial entities…
is one of the most difficult tasks
one can be exposed to as a human being.

one should be quite aware of both
the uniqueness of the experience as well as the privilege

Prof. Dr. Gertje Lathan
Founder of the NATHAL method, Germany

The presence of extraterrestrials on Earth is a reality. It is essentially a matter of developing the ability to perceive it.

On December 5, 2009, at the Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI in Mérida, Yucatan, I held the video conference „Extraterrestrial Presence“ about extraterrestrials and their connection to the Mayas. In it I showed photos of UFOs that I took myself, extraterrestrial symbols with meanings in Maya that I received telepathically, and videos of my own experiences as well as reports with other witnesses.

DVD con videoconferencia de Silke Grasreiner sobre Presencia extraterrestre


Hello Mrs. Grasreiner,

thank you for the wonderful DVD. I expected a lot, but the expectations were far exceeded!

I had the feeling that your lecture is supported/accompanied by a special energy. The symbol of the „transmission by a higher order“, which you showed and explained, I have constantly in front of my eyes. The language of the symbol reminds me of the language of some crop circles in Wiltshire/England.

Thank you for your wonderful work and I hope to see/hear much more from you. The work of people like you cannot be appreciated highly enough. You have my utmost respect and I mean that very sincerely and honestly. I wish you much continued „radiance“.

Warm regards!
Katja Kipping


Since the beginning of my direct contacts with extraterrestrials in 2004, I have received various symbols transmitted to me.

The symbol of TWO WORLDS – FIVE SUNS by REINO MAYA was the first symbol that was transmitted to me, first in its form and then in its meaning. This is how the process of information transmission from extraterrestrial levels of being proceeds: First comes the inspiration, then gradually the meaning and intention of the symbol unfold. On Earth, for example, in the development of logos, the process is reversed: First the intention is established, then this intention is willingly given form. This causes a clearly perceptible difference in the energetic information that is transported via the symbol. Since the symbol of REINO MAYA comes from a superior level, it can cause a raising of the vibration just by its presence on the earthly level. In the case of the symbol of TWO WORLDS – FIVE SUNS, this is the overcoming of all duality through love, the vibration of the fifth dimension. The Maya call this level of consciousness, which is now opening on Earth, the „Humanity of the Fifth Sun“. Therefore, especially for the Mayas, this symbol has yet another meaning, which will become evident.

Another extraterrestrial symbol transmitted to me means „happiness“ and helps with the manifestation of ideas into physical reality, because a person feels immediately happy when he experiences his own effectiveness in material reality, that is, when his heart’s desires are fulfilled. Even though the manifestation in matter can take some time, especially with very complex projects, the symbol already conveys happiness during this process through the inner knowledge of being on the right path. The symbol is depicted in my books „Mayaland“ and „Maya Kingdom“ as well as in my DVD „Extraterrestrial Presence“. By just looking at this symbol its effect unfolds.

A third symbol can be purchased as an engraving in a wooden keychain. The symbol means „prosperity“, „abundance“ and „sovereignty“. It conveys the feelings associated with it, as well as the awareness of the energetic balance between giving and taking in each moment. This symbol usually unfolds its effect only over a longer period of time, since earthly people tend very strongly to make these feelings dependent on external conditions and have forgotten to draw them from within themselves. But once this process has been triggered by the symbol and then „picked up speed“, so to speak, the growth is extraordinary. The form of the keychain is ideal for this symbol, because you usually always carry an important key with you. Thus, the symbol can be permanently integrated into everyday life.

Polo-Shirt mit dem außerirdischen Symbol REINO MAYA


Consider that you are „extraterrestrial“ yourself when you sleep and dream at night. Then you are outside of the earthly space-time. So why shouldn’t there be more beings traveling outside of it? 

I am a political scientist with degrees from the Sorbonne Nouvelle and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris as well as the Freie Universität of Berlin. Since 1995, I have worked mainly as a news journalist for television; in Germany, I was most recently a editor on duty, editor and reporter for Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin for five years. On September 11, 2001, the day of the „attacks“, I was in New York and reported from there as a correspondent for Deutsche Welle TV in the following weeks.

Live-Schalte mit Silke Grasreiner aus New York für DW-TV
Live broadcast and report from New York for Deutsche Welle TV on September 16, 2001.

As an eyewitness to the events, I felt no fear, but I immediately had the feeling that „something was not right“. My impression was strengthened by the strange appearance of President George W. Bush, the subsequent Iraq war, and the well-founded research of courageous journalists, such as the German Mathias Bröckers, about the backers and beneficiaries of the events, as well as by revelations of insiders such as the „Economic Hit Man“ John Perkins. 

Since I emigrated to Yucatan in November 2004, I have seen and even photographed UFOs there.

UFO nachts über Tulum
UFO photographed in Tulum, Mexico, in October 2005.

On July 26, 2005, I personally and physically met for the first time an extraterrestrial human being who communicated telepathically with me. Among other things, I received information about September 11, 2001. At the same time, this highly evolved human transmitted to me the emotional state that is normal in his level of being: I felt a deep feeling of love and gratitude, which exceeds the intensity of the known emotional spectrum of the earth human being many times over.

From this and later own experiences I know: There are extraterrestrial beings who are spiritually substantially more developed than we and who are able to understand and use technologies unknown to us due to their highly evolved character. These beings do not know any abusive intentions, because they do not classify themselves as superior to humans. Contact with them is possible if we attune ourselves to their vibration, if we develop love, gratitude and intellectual humility. In this way we manifest, so to speak, our „Higher Self“, our desired or future self, which is then no longer extraterrestrial, but quite earthly.

A detailed article about this direct encounter with an extraterrestrial with exclusive photos of the WTC on September 11, 2001, is included in my book „Maya Kingdom“.

Why me?

Why not. It’s just my job.

Excerpt from my book „The Maya Queen“, Chapter 5:


Already at the beginning of the seminar I had dreamed that I spoke with Sue and wished that she would help me to learn to establish contact with extraterrestrials, what I had never seriously thought of in the waking state. She asked if I really knew what I was getting into and what I expected from it. I mantained my wish. At the end of the seminar we aligned ourselves with our star constellation. The horoscope at our birth gives us an individual imprint and with it certain characteristics that are important to fulfill our life’s task. A little more Venus and less Mars, more love and less conflict, for example, if we have resolved to be a mother in this life.

The horoscope is the model, the blueprint that exists in the spiritual world for our lives. Our place in the divine plan is written, so to speak, in the sky, we are the material imprint of it, the image on earth. Our life consists in bringing image and pre-image into harmony. Only in this way was it possible for me to recognize where I belonged by the constellation of the stars in Mexico. But these were stars outside our solar system. Before we worked on it, I looked out the window of the hotel during the break. The sun was reflected in the opposite glass roof, the bright light blinded me and I closed my eyes. Orion and the Pleiades appeared in front of my inner eye. I knew instantly that I was here to connect with these star systems, because my task had to do with communicating with them.

Then, in the seminar room, while we were individually aligning ourselves with the energy of the planets in our solar system, I also had programs downloaded from the Pleiades and Orion. I felt tremendous energy flood through me while Sue was warning the other participants:
„Don’t try to do the crazy thing she’s doing.“
So the thing was crazy, not me. Sue knew exactly what I was doing, and it was real.

The Maya say that whoever can see two suns is a sage. If you can see the opposite in everything and understand that it is equally true at the same time, you are a sage because you have risen above duality and found oneness. The second sun is the center of our galaxy, the black sun Hunab Ku, in which everything is one. The scientists say it is a gigantic black hole, which comes out to the same thing, only it sounds a little less mystical. According to the prophecies of the Mayas, the Earth will resonate with it again in 2020 and thus a new era would begin. The information we would have received through our sun would be replaced by higher vibrational energy of the central sun of the universe, a feeling of unity instead of duality would spread. Instead of suffering from opposites because we only recognize part of the truth, we would understand reality as it is, our inner being would no longer feel separate from the outer, which would make it impossible for us to exploit any other living being.

2020 would be a collective leap in consciousness, which individuals would already accomplish before, but which would then encompass the whole of humanity. It was no longer a mystery to me why the Maya knew so much about the stars. They knew the secret how they could put themselves permanently into the state of consciousness of unity, and they left us the instruction manual for paradise in their cosmology and in the form of the sacred geometry of their pyramids. The Mayas had consciously connected with other stars and now contacted us from there. I should do thereby only what I had learned: Transmit news.

Buch Die Mayakönigin von Silke Grasreiner

Would you like to make contact with extraterrestrials yourself?

Here you can find information about my online workshop „Establish an extraterrestrial field.

Here you can contact extraterrestrials directly.


The UFO authors here in Germany are in my opinion in its majority above the confused norm absurd and paranoid thought creators searching for attention units. In this context your website relatively knocked me over: reinomaya.com, since around here are obviously a few people with an ingenious perception and I was not allowed to become acquainted with such people up to now.

Regards from Olaf