Sasil Pool energetic healing


Are you suffering from obesity, anxiety, or abuse in toxic relationships? Do you have physical ailments that you can’t get a handle on? The cause is emotional and mental stress. Stress is caused by unconscious traumas that cause conflicts between thinking, feeling, speaking and acting. The resolution of trauma happens through awareness. Awareness is made by accepting the truth. Therefore, truth is healing. The communication or transmission of true information is a natural and simple medicine.

After my training in kinesiology according to the 3in1 concept, seminars for the expansion of perception with the US-American energy healer Sue Gurnee, courses in the German NATHAL Institute as well as personal contacts with highly evolved extraterrestrials, I have developed my own method since 2005 to connect people with a deep truth, thereby eliminating stress, dissolving conflicts and creating congruence between their true desires and reality. Thinking, feeling, speaking and acting come into harmony. As an indirect result, suffering of body, mind and soul disappears.

I call my method SASIL POOL, which is Maya and means „clear head“. This is needed to recognize reality without misinterpretations and without defense mechanisms, to get clarity about oneself and about the behaviour of others, to make constructive decisions for one’s own life and to communicate appropriately with people, animals, plants and other living beings. The healing effect is irrevocable.

+++ The consultation takes place at distance. +++

Price per consultation: 85 Euro



just very briefly after reading the email: It works as a portal to the new reality and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
With kind regards,
Günther Schönharting


Hello Mrs. Grasreiner,
I would like to thank you very much; have been allowed to have a great, strong and loving contact according to my feeling and am very grateful for the events and encounters. I am very curious about your message.
Best regards,
Günther Schönharting


Hello Silke,
the information you have given me is very interesting and I am curious. I had another surprising evening yesterday (with my husband). He was or I was different than usual.
The greatest thing this morning and hold the night was, I have no more pain in my arm. It’s just a very slight tugging now. I’ve had my brace off on my arm since last night and I’m moving it without much pain, which I’ve had for about 4 weeks.
I had another very nice day and the pain is still gone. I am also like new born and still very calm inside and relaxed which I usually am not. Thank you again and I will for sure repeat this session with you as soon as I feel it is good for me.
Kind regards,


I was lying down for the first half hour trying to relax. I felt a tingling in my body and I was actually calm. I was awake, but it felt like I was asleep, too.
Sometimes I felt like someone was with me and looking through my eyes, smiling slightly as I looked. My husband and son smelled incense, I did not. I don’t think the feeling from me and smelling from my husband and son was imagination. 
The tingling sensation is subsiding slightly now. It was very strong at last.
I had no pain in my arm for an hour where a nerve is inflamed. Anyway, it was nice. Something happened to or in me that I can’t explain now.
Love, Anja


Dear Mrs. Grasreiner, 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a powerful energetic hour for me. And even now my body is electrified.
Kind regards from Miriam Sieber

Außerirdischer Maya gibt eine Botschaft über die Wahrheit
Extraterrestrial Maya gives the message
„The truth – part of the beginning“.
Automatic drawing from José Luis Meneses Muñoz