A documentary by Silke Grasreiner
(Mexico 2007/2008)

DVD of the documentary The Truth of the Maya Prophecies

Duration: 101 minutes
Language: English

Is the film still relevant, even if 2012 already passed by?

Yes, because it provides a timeless insight into the life and culture of the Mayas. And by the way, the prophecies are made for a period of 20 years, from 2020 to 2040 in fact. How this so called katun in the calender system of the Mayas fits into our Gregorian calender is subject of another DVD of Silke Grasreiner (the video conference „Extraterrestrial Presence“, available in Spanish and German). The documentary treats the content of the real, historically verified prophecies and the life of the Mayas today which are still relevant.

There is so much about this topic. What makes this film different?

The film is unique because it contains original quotations from an ancient, still preserved Maya document. The words of the prophet lead through the whole film that has been shot in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize where the Mayas still live. The author and producer is an experienced international journalist who lives in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Feedback from German journalists and spectators about this film:

„With recent publications about the Mayas and the change of cycle, that are mostly little meaningful and very profit-oriented, you are contrasting strongly.“

„This film is a product that reminds of an international TV report on the one hand, and on the other shows much love and caring for the people of the Mayas.“

„This documentary tells in a relaxed and calm way about the life and the culture of the Mayas and is therefore in accordance with the real spirit of what the 21st of december 2012 means as to the understanding of the Mayas.“

Original pages from the „Chilam Balam of Chumayel“ in Maya. 

About the content of this film:

The Mayas dominated and preserved the art of foresight. More than 500 years ago they foresaw the arrival of the Spanish Conquerors and the following changes in the world. They transmitted their visions verbally, later they were written down, for example in the so-called „Chilam books“. The prophecies for the present time are astonishing. 

How would the Maya prophet Chilam Balam see the world today? This was the starting point for a long journey through the Mayaland, what is today Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Packed with his former prophecies, Chilam Balam sees today exactly what he predicted 500 years ago: exploitation of nature by man, catastrophes and climate change, exploitation of man by man, corruption and abuse of power.

Der kleine mexikanische Küstenort Mahahual nach Hurrikan "Dean" im August 2007
„There will be white circles in the sky“ the Maya prophecies say: The small costal village of Majahual after hurricane „Dean“ in August 2007 (all photos: Silke Grasreiner, from the film “The Truth of the Maya Prophecies”).

But the prophecies also give hopeful prospects, both for the future of all humanity and for that of the Mayas, who have preserved an identity and cosmovision of their own, in which many supernatural phenomena have their place.

The viewer discovers the political, economic, cultural and religious life of the Maya in modern society. He gets acquainted with the invisible world of dwarves and other beings from other dimensions with whom the Maya have contact, and learns the true meaning of their mythology and legends, which he may already think he knows from books and movies.

Maya-Lakandone auf seinem Maisfeld
A Maya lacandone in his cornfield in Lacanjah Chansayab in the Mexican state of Chiapas.
Sitzung einer Agrarkooperative in Sololá, Guatemala
Session of a agrarian cooperative in Sololá, Guatemala: Traditionally the Mayas do not consider land as their property, but as a loan.
Sohn eines Wächters in der Maya-Stätte von Copán
Only a few Mayas still live in Honduras, but their monuments and history are alive. The son of a guard of the Maya site of Copán tells the story.  
In the 19th century many Mayas fled from Yucatan’s so-called „Caste War“ to Belize: A descendant shows his altar with relics.
A Maya franciscan father talks about the unglorious history of the Church in Guatemala and about the limits of the Catholic religion that are much tighter than the Maya cosmovision.
In another village in Yucatan a Maya legend is reality: A ghost in the form of a beautiful woman seduces drunken men at night who unsuspectingly get involved with the dangerous game. An innkeeper witnessed it.
Junger Mann erzählt von den Maya aus Atlantis
A new complexion is put on the origin of the Mayas: The “water wizards”, as they called themselves, came from Atlantis, says this young Mexican after a first-hand time travel experience.
Wächter der Maya-Stätte von Becan hat dort Außerirdische gesehen
The night guard of a Maya site in the Yucatan saw beings coming out of a light cone and they talked to him in a Maya dialect.
UFO nachts über Tulum
UFO above Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico, in October 2005.
Maya-Lakandone weiß, die Maya leben auch auf anderen Planeten
„And why you another planet?“: The grandmother of this lacandone maintained contact to the ancient Mayas who had emigrated to a different galaxy.

The film „The Truth of the Maya-Prophecies“ opens a new sight on the world of the Mayas, their cosmovision and universal connections. 

Frauen auf dem Gipfel der indigenen Völker Amerikas 2007
„Power for women”: Indigenous peoples of America demanded more influence on world politics at their summit in Guatemala in March 2007. According to their prophecies the Mayas will have a say, too.
Maya-Mädchen beim Unterricht auf Maya
This Maya girl looks ahead with joy: For a long time the Mayas, their culture and language have been oppressed, but now they experience a revival – here at a class in Maya.

The film was shown for the first time in full length in the village in Yucatan from which the Maya manuscript originates. The quotations from the manuscript form the central thread of the film. By doing that, I wanted to give the Maya back their culture, which was stolen from them. The oldest still existing original handwritten copy of the book is in the University of Princeton in the USA.